Multi-centric Lymphosarcoma in a Cat


History/Clinical Signs/Medical Imaging/Pertinent Laboratory Abnormalities:
Spleen and lymph node aspirates

Three slides have been evaluated (2x spleen, 1x lymph node). Slides are cellular and good quality. Slides from both sites are cytologically similar. Few erythrocytes, many free nuclei and nuclear streams, and increased numbers of basophilic lymphoglandular bodies are noted in the background. Cellularity is high and consists of a predominance of large lymphoblasts, approximately 1.5-2x the diameter of a neutrophil, with a scant rim of basophilic cytoplasm, large round nuclei, open chromatin, and typically one, large, round to angular centrally placed, nucleolus. Low numbers of small lymphocytes, rare plasma cells and rare non-degenerate neutrophils are noted in the background.

Spleen and lymph node: Lymphosarcoma

Cytologic findings are compatible with a diagnosis of high grade lymphoblastic lymphosarcoma. Prognosis depends on the stage of disease at the time of diagnosis and immunophenotype of the neoplasm. Staging diagnostics such as liver +/- bone marrow aspirates may be considered.

Multi-centric Lymphosarcoma - Dec13-1

Multi-centric Lymphosarcoma-Dec13-2

Multi-centric Lymphosarcoma-Dec13-3

Multi-centric Lymphosarcoma-Dec13-4