How to Book

Please meet our Adminstrative Manager, Ms. Maggie Mak

Maggie is our AMaggiedministrative Manager, who is also mainly in charge of HKVUS bookings. She has previously been working as a veterinary assistant both in Australia and Hong Kong. She gained her CertIV in Veterinary Nursing whilst she was studying and working in Australia. She also continued further education in CertIV in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition after she came back to Hong Kong. Maggie joined our service in 1st November 2016.


To book an appointment, please call or email our Administrative Manager Maggie

Our Commitment

  • Be on time
  • Accommodate your needs
  • Scan efficiently and with minimal disruption to your hospital and staff
  • Advise you of any delays
  • Provide you with a complete summary of findings before leaving

Before We Arrive

  • Ensure that patients scheduled for abdominal, thoracic, musculoskeletal or cervical ultrasounds have been fasted (NPO) for twelve hours.
  • Please fill out the Ultrasound Request Form online and include history, presenting complaints and any abnormal diagnostic test results.
  • Advise your clients to arrive at the hospital fifteen minutes before their appointment.
  • Please clip the area to be scanned (abdomen, neck, right and left thorax for cardiac).
  • Secure a quiet and safe area within the hospital in which we can scan.
  • Having one of your assistants available to hold the animals for scanning will enable us to more efficient and makes the procedure more cost effective.
  • Have your clients sign the appropriate consent forms (ultrasound consent form or aspirate and biopsy consent form).