Ultrasound Equipment

You expect the best for your patients and we deliver it with our three Hitachi- Aloka Noblus systems. This portable machine packs a tremendous punch. Whether it is high resolution images of the adrenal glands, pancreas or gastrointestinal tract or advanced Doppler studies of the heart the Noblus is up to the challenge! However we recognize that not all patients are built the same way; some are small, some are large, some are over-weight and some are thin. And there is no single probe that is good at every application. For this reason we have five probes to help us manage your patients big and small and all of their respective body parts. And we can switch quickly between two probes while we are scanning. This means that we are efficient with your and your clients time!

2 Aloka Noblus systems


Our three abdominal probes ( two micro-convex and two 18 Mhz linear probes) allow us to scan all size of patients including Exotics spaces with beautiful resolution.

Each of our three systems has two cardiac probes to accommodate all type of patients for full echocardiogram.

Tissue Doppler study available.

equipment 4

equipment 5

equipment 6