Dr. P Brazzell

Dr Paul Brazzell, Ultrasound VetsDr. Paul Brazzell, DVM has over twenty three years of ultrasound experience and teaches abdominal and cardiac ultrasound to veterinarians in North America, Europe and Hong Kong. He has incorporated veterinary ultrasound into general, referral, emergency, and mobile ultrasonography practices and offers a unique perspective on the relationship between clients, their pet’s veterinarian and the ultrasound specialist. Dr. Brazzell has hosted multiple round sessions on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) and works alongside veterinary radiologists and cardiologists on a regular basis. He is comfortable with all aspects of abdominal, thoracic and small parts (thyro-parathyroid, musculoskeletal) ultrasound as well as the scanning techniques required to diagnose the common canine and feline cardiac abnormalities (including congenital heart defects).

Dr. Brazzell graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. After four years as an associate he built his own veterinary hospital in Winnipeg, Canada. Five years later he built a second hospital, also in Winnipeg. In 2002 he sold both hospitals and moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota where his wife was completing her veterinary clinical pathology residency. From 2002 to 2005 Dr. Brazzell provided inpatient and outpatient abdominal and cardiac and internal medicine services for AEVS and its fifty three referring veterinary hospitals. Subsequently Dr. Brazzell operated a mobile ultrasound service in the greater twin cities and began in earnest his ultrasound teaching. Over the past eight years Dr. Brazzell has taught over sixteen-hundred veterinarians small animal abdominal and cardiac ultrasound worldwide.